Monday, June 13, 2011

Mountain Bike Short Track race #2 -- Yahoo again!

Last week, at the first short track race I had a blast. I smiled a lot and just had fun. I also felt strong, caught a few riders and never wished the race would be over. I can remember many times last year, in both short track and cyclocross just waiting waiting waiting to hear the bell ring sometime after my second lap. But two races into this season? Nope. I hear the bell and immediately begin to coach myself:

"Okay, you're half a lap away. Keep pushing but don't blow up. If you make the bell lap you'll need that last bit of go juice..."

"Okay, almost there. Keep going."

And I'd pass by the finish banner with the bell still ringing! YEAH! Got my bell lap, baby!

I also have no intention of riding anything but my single-speed this season. In Short track, I mean. Cycloscross is different. (I might switch to 1x9, though.) Friend Will set me up with some Avid SD 7 linear-pull brakes and compatible aero-levers. That bike is sweet now. I love it.

I am just so stoked right now—I'm having so much fun racing my bike! I love it!