Thursday, July 16, 2009

MTB Short Track #3 and #4

Work work work. How does life get this crazy that I'm so messed up so easily? For the past few weeks I've managed to get out and ride maybe one other time besides the short track race. When I don't get exercise I get grumpy. I hate it.

I though that all the riding I did over the winter would add up to something. Apparently not. I though that the "fartleks" that I was doing would confer some badassedness. Nope.

So I continue to suck. But you know what? Monday nights I'm out at PIR redlining and enjoying it. I'm not pissy that I'm not really moving up in the results. I just can't get angry. Is this what keeps me from being a badass? That I'm having fun? Must be. Out in the middle, maybe with less than two laps to go I feel like pulling over and taking a nap or maybe barfing and THEN taking a nap, but at the same time I want just one more lap. And then another. And once it's all over and I've recovered I'd like to go again. Although I'd likely be even slower and good for fewer laps.

What the heck.

So about race #3. I can't really remember race #3 except that my son didn't want to go.

"Will there be a kiddy race that's just one lap?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Eh. I think I'll go watch mom play volleyball."

What a bummer. My race was fun, though. Until my beloved Botrager InForm R saddle's pointy bits RIPPED GIANT HOLES IN MY BIBS!!!!

Oh gosh. I was just sick. Still am. My favoritestest bibs. Pearl Izumi Slice. (Oh, the irony.)

So I made the saddle PAY.

The first photo doesn't really do the point bits justice. They are POINTY.

Once I hacksawed the points off, getting the cover back into place was terribly fiddly. Anyway-- I managed to get it done and while it looked a bit ugly (I hope to remedy that soon) it worked really well for...

Race #4

My son came out again and had a lot of fun. We stayed out after the races playing on the MX course until the OBRA folks were ready to kick us out.

My hacked saddle worked out really well-- I was able to move around WITHOUT my shorts getting ripped to shreds.

I wonder-- why the hell did Bontrager, after spending two years and millions of dollars on creating the most comfortable, ergonomically-correct saddle EVAR -- why did they bung it up by giving the saddle that pointy-ass little cut-out shorts-ripper thing in the back? What good does that do? Why won't anyone think of the shorts!?

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Susan said...

I scarcely see you anymore! Quick glimpses now and again as you blaze by...I had to miss this week, but will be there for the final episode.