Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's almost like getting a new bike! Almost.

I think it's taken me three WHOLE years to get around to having the old 1989 Stumpjumper frame painted. Poweder coated, actually. But I finally did it. Hurray! Brooker Enterprises in downtown Portland took care of business.


Signal red.

Now I need to have the head tube and bottom bracket shell prepped. Need a new headset too. I think I can get a bit more use out of the current Shimano BB. It still turns smoothly enough(16 years later!!).

The headset has seen better days, I think. Hopefully the shop can set me up with something that isn't a piece of overpriced junk.

Oh. I still need to rebuild the front wheel with the "new to me" XT hub. I rebuilt the rear wheel last year because the freehub was making threatening "KA-BONG!!!!" noises and felt like it was skipping.

I also need to finish putting together my errand bike. The MTN-TEK klunker fo' sho. How are you even supposed to pronounce "MTN" anyway? "M'ten"?

Anyway-- I'm excited to get the red SS MTB put together.

As an added bonus, I cut out a weird filler in the dropouts. Oddly the bike had "sort-of" semi-horizontal dropouts. It had a filler or bridge that was part of the mold when the drop outs were cast that prevented the axle from sliding all the way back. I took a Dremel with a cut-out wheel and cut it out and then filed it smooth. Now I get the full use of the drop out. Yay.

So this is what it used to look like.

Note the sub-awesome rattle-can paint job that artfully incorporates rustiness. Yeah. When I'm done it's going to look Super-Rad.


William said...

man, I can't wait for you to rock this bike at Cross Crusade

Jbucky said...

you should post more, this stuff is interesting, but it's the end of June now.