Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's almost like getting a new bike... almost. Until I spotted the Niner.

Last Monday's STXC (Does that even make sense? "Short Track Cross Country"?) took a little of the shine off my recently repainted (and now rebuilt) SS MTB. Falling over in some realllly soft, rutted, dirt made my handlebar twist sideways. Twisting it back was way too easy-- something is up with the stem. So the whole rest of the race had me mentally shopping for a new 1" threadless fork, headset, and stem. Although I hate to get rid of my Tange Switchblade fork.

Then I saw a new Niner. Fully composite frame. Thing was almost so light that a breeze could carry it away. Single-speed and 18 pounds. With "heavy" wheels, according to the rep (?) hanging out around the Niner tent.

As much as I don't care for composite stuff, this bike made me WANT!

Awww, gee. I still wuv you 21 year-old SS MTB of mine. :) Twisty quill stem and all. We'll get that fixed, I swear.

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