Thursday, March 5, 2009

Timbuk2-- Seriously Awesome

I recently bought a bag directly from Timbuk2. The whole experience was fantastic. The order confirmation email was fun to read (Yeah-- I actually read these things and they're typically very dry and to-the-point.)

The coolest part? The bag itself was good -- typical Timbuk2 Awesomeness -- but the bag it was delivered in was sheer genius. The tough plastic bag was also a MAP. Of downtown San Francisco.

Click the photo to see a larger image.

No-- I don't live there nor will I visit anytime soon, but as a graphic designer involved in marketing and branding I just totally flipped my lid over this. I've never ever seen such bitchen packaging.

Apple's packaging is also cool-- but after playing with it for a couple of minutes and admiring the lustre of the material and the spare graphics it's off to the recycle bin and/or trash.

But the Timbuk2 shipping bag? Inspired.


taska said...

Thanks for the shipping bag compliment. I work in the Corporate Sales Department here at T2 and I am always giddy with the cool things that come out of this company!
The bag is very useful to me as a relatively new bike commuter here in SF.

Susan said...

Love my T2 bag! I'm on my second one, having managed to fray the bottom of the first after several years of industrial use.