Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surprise! MTB racing is here!

And by "here" I mean close to home, races that don't require an entire day or overnight stay. (I'm such a homebody/family man.)

I don't know why this surprised me-- the "Horning's Hustle" MTB circuit race is this weekend and I'm not really prepared mentally. I was also off the bike for most of the last two weeks-- a one-two punch from work and personal life. Fortunately my bike's ready to go. There's that at least. And it's really raring to go. I've been on the road so long... I can't wait to hit the trails.

But I've put a different stem and saddle on it and haven't been out on them yet. It's looking like this race will be the first time. No drastic changes, though, so I should be okay. I dunno-- if the saddle kills my ass I guess it's better that this is a relatively short circuit race instead of a much longer XC race.

Wait-- I do need to rebuild the pedals (Crank Bros. Candy Cs). I'll have to double check those-- maybe they've got one race left in them.

The next race is towards the end of April-- the Bear Springs Trap XC race. That was an awesome one last year. There may still be snow up there at race time. We'll see.

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