Thursday, July 3, 2008

Keeping me safe...

So today my car is in the shop. No sweat-- I had a few errands to run and the bike is my preferred method of getting around. So me and kiddo saddle up on the trailer-bike, picnic lunch in my bag and head to the bank and then stop by the park.

I've been through the "drive-through" of my local Wells Fargo branch on my bike several times before. They have no bike rack there and all I ever do is deposit checks. So the drive-through is convenient to use.

Well this time the manager must have been out and about and decided to enforce company policy. I'm guessing it was a policy call-- the claim was that cars go through the drive-through "really fast".

So now I have the trailer-bike to deal with. So I end up leaning up against the ash-tray thing outside and go indoors to get my receipt.

This makes no sense. I suppose that the argument might be that pedestrians aren't allowed and thus bicyclists aren't allowed either. But pedestrians have no vehicle to park (or lock up) or in the case of this particular branch-- find a shrub to lean my bike against. What if I was on a motorcycle? I suppose that would have been okay. Why? A person on a motorcycle is not any less vulnerable than I am on a bicycle. So it's the engine that makes the difference? (Although I'm making an assumption about the motorcycle. maybe they don't allow motorcycles through.)

What a hassle. If I lived in Portland metro I would be fine. Out here in the 'burbs is like a different planet. Nothing out here is really set up to accommodate folks riding bikes. Bike racks are either non-existant or placed in really goofy locations. Like the nearby Albertson's: The rack is around the side of the building, near the back by the bottle/can return machines. At night the rack is conveniently located in the shadows and there is a convenient, I mean EXIT to an adjacent apartment complex.

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