Monday, July 21, 2008

MTB Short-Track #4-- Ssssmokin'!

Yeah. This is a bit late.

Short-track #4 was awesome. Felt good the whole race. Things just seemed to click. I even got major-rad air at the finish-line. Okay, okay... well maybe like 3 feet of air. On my sweet Sledgehammer with shocks and pegs. Booyah.

Anyway-- nice fast course this time.

There was no crashing, no near misses, no hammering my taint on the top-tube. No bobbles, dabs, or washouts. Almost a perfect ride!


A few days later my bubble was burst by the results. Somehow, despite being on total fire I didn't finish on the same lap as the leader. I didn't get lapped. But maybe almost. *shrug*

My wife said: "But what does it matter? YOU felt like you had a good ride. Why let some numbers ruin it for you?"

True enough. I just felt so on. That was an incredible buzz for $20.

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