Thursday, January 29, 2009

OMG... I've got a "rain bike"

There it is. Full fenders? Check. Single-speed? Check. Dirty? Check. Old technology? Check.

Yup, that must be a "rain bike" alright.

No-- just kidding. That's not really my "rain bike". My road bike got a flat and I don't relish repairing it, tire-bead jack or not. So, in a fit of laziness I took the old singlespeed out instead.

And I liked it! There is absolutely no retreat when climbing-- you either do or you don't. I figure this will be good for my early season "training". Pushing that single gear plus those fatty knobbies should be good, right? When I get on the road bike later, or the 'cross bike, I'll feel like I've got wings on my feet. I hope.

We'll see. Doesn't matter too much, though, because I'm having fun.

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