Monday, January 19, 2009

On second thought, maybe I won't run...

...'Tis a silly thing.

I thought that, as part of my "New Me in 2009" campaign, I would take up running in addition to my regular rides. Especially useful on the really scummy cold/wet/rainy/windy days.

In the past few weeks I've been out 3-4 times. Got a really good quad burn from just 30 minutes of moderate running. I thought "Yeah-- I'll totally rock the run-ups in CX this fall."

Then all the stringy bits in my left knee started making all sorts of weird noises. It was precisely this sort of thing that made me STOP running years ago.

I had modest goals-- no more than twice a week. Just something to help my legs remember what running was like.

Well, I guess maybe I won't run. My shoes are old, however. Maybe I'll buy some new shoes (but that's money that won't get spent on bike stuff... damn!) and try again.

Perhaps I should try something a bit more focused. Maybe just sprinting up short hills in the park or something.


Susan said...

New shoes; definitely new shoes. They really do make a difference to your knees.

William said...

new shoes are the way to go...but it's nice to just try something different that gets your legs stronger too.

a friend of mine is going to the rec center and swimming for the next 3 months till it gets nicer outside. I'll go over to the wall-ball court at the local elem school and kick the soccer ball around for a while...sometimes even the tennis racket and some balls.

at this point, anything to build up that tolerance to "moving" again