Friday, January 9, 2009

Riding your bike outside is so 20th century!

Simulators and faux (sucky, lame) video game add-ons to trainers are nothing new.

Still, there's this weird push to make games more realistic: increased resolution, force-feedback, accelerometers and tilt sensors. More like real life.

Imagine this: a fully immersive environment with super-HD 360-deg view. Ultimate force feed-back system lets you feel the road or trail. Ambient effects like stereo environmental sounds and smells. Even moisture. Ride through a mud puddle? Feel it!

Exercising is fun again!

Am I talking about this?

The XBike "Trixter" (Or whatever the hell it's called.)

No. Actually I'm talking about getting the hell outside and damn well riding yr bike!!

I'm out of here.

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