Monday, February 23, 2009

A steal of a deal-- only USD$2000!

I was alerted to this scorching hott deal by a post from Will on the OBRA email list.

I'm not posting the actual Craigslist link, because this deal is just too smorkin' to last long.

Yea. That's an MGX "mountain" bike in the photo. Available at finer Target stores. Or is it Wal-Mart?

USD$129.00 and it rolls home with you. So that's $1,871.00 in tools 'n' stuff. At full retail I suppose. Unless the seller failed to mention the fact that the contents of the garage (drill press, metal lathe, welding jig, complete Super Ultra Park Tool Pro set of tools) was also included in the generous price.

But that bike is a pretty honch set-up.

1 comment:

William said...

it's a done deal...i'm putting down my final offer for this race-ready steed