Monday, February 23, 2009

The UCI vows to act all pig-headed and bitchy

Sometimes I wonder about these UCI folks. I can just imagine them all sniggering behind their hands as the fiddle the rules again to mess with the racers' heads.

"No this one goes here that one goes there!"

VeloNews story: UCI prez plans to "clarify" existing rules.

I remember a long time ago that they forced Cannondale to make a batch of team bikes with narrow-diameter frame tubes, because the large-diameter tubes were "against" UCI rules regarding frame materials. The delicious irony of it all was that the rule, intended to ensure that "skunk-works" technology didn't give a team or rider and unfair advantage by making teams use "off-the-shelf" equipment (something mere mortals could buy at retail, in theory), had the exact opposite effect.

Cannondale was forced to make bike frames that were not (and never would be) available to normal folks because Cannondale was invested in making large-diameter thin-wall tubing.

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