Friday, August 14, 2009

My kingdom for a seatpost or two...

So I need a new seatpost for my SS MTB. It's a 1989 Specialized Stumpjumper. Every other bike I own uses a 27.2mm diameter seatpost. Thus a have a few extra posts laying around.

But noooo... the Stumpy needs a 26.5 (!) diameter post. I can go down to the Performance store and pick up a 26.8 (smallest they carry). But no... Now I have to hit the used bike shops in downtown Portland. Oh twist my arm. But it's still a bit of a hassle since I have to get around downtown Portland. And I hate driving.

Oh and my beater (truly) SS MTB? It needs a 26.2. What?! Really. I'm not imagining things.

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